Why is Sentemeter so successful improving your workplace environment?

Sentemeter is designed for companies that want to provide a great
place to work and understand the importance of staff behaviour in
today’s networked environments.
The success of the system is due to 6 key design considerations that promote high levels of participation and trust:
Your participants must express freely and without fear of retribution. Only then will unacceptable patterns of behavior be detected before they are irreversible.
No complicated questions or ratings, just download the free App, swipe what you are feeling. You can’t afford the bureaucracy of traditional 360 reviews.
No need to overthink, just swipe. It takes literally a second. Keep the painful one-on-ones for performance reviews.
Your feelings towards colleagues may vary day by day, even hour by hour. To capture those fluctuations, we want you to be able to rate wherever and whenever you feel.
Fear of confrontation is one of the greatest barriers to honest, critical feedback.
You use emojis to give and receive instant, insightful feedback. You don’t want your process to be cumbersome, boring and heavy. Why? Because you want everyone to use it…a lot.
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