For a Positive
and Productive “Great Place to

What does Sentemeter do?

Sentemeter is an award-winning Staff Engagement solution which allows you to:

Your Workplace Environment and Staff Engagement:


Why is Sentemeter
so relevant today?

Sentemeter is designed for companies that want to provide a great place to work and understand the importance of staff behaviour in today’s networked environments.

Why is Sentemeter so effective?

The Sentemeter system is so innovative, it will completely disrupt the entrenched and overpriced survey – consultancy business. If you don’t believe us, take a look at “How it works” to see how you can:
  • Make significantly more impact
  • In much less time
  • With far less management resource
  • At a mere fraction of the cost
By empowering your staff to improve themselves and their
workplace environment

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