About the Founders

The founders of Sentemeter have combined experience of several decades in management, leadership consultancy, financial management, IT and data analytics. In the years up until 2018, they had been involved in helping Oil & Gas service companies reduce accidents through their Wellpulse system. Wellpulse allowed workers to report safety observations and incidents in real-time through a smartphone App, raising staff awareness of the occupational risks and preventing both light and serious accidents. However, after observing a slow-motion train wreck of a harassment incident in the Houston offices, they decided to test the following hypothesis:

What if they applied the same approach
to preventing occupational accidents at
the worksite and applied the same
methodology to preventing behavioural
incidents in the workplace? Would it
achieve the same spectacular results as
seen in occupational safety since
Heinrich and Frank E. Bird since the 1960s?

In 2018, the first version of Sentemeter was launched. Since then, it has been through several phases of improvement in feedback-driven functionality, surged past its 3 million feedbacks milestone, won industry-recognized awards, achieved an average of 85%+ staff participation, significantly reduced (up to 90%) the % of sub-optimum behaviors reported and helped early adopters reach record profitability and obtain the coveted Great Place to Work certification.
The results so far have been far beyond any initial expectations. If you are an Employee, Manager, HR Executive, CEO or other stakeholder and would like to see how your organisation can directly or indirectly benefit from Sentemeter, please contact us below.

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